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WSC Asbestos Abatement

Bill Walker, the founder of WSC, Inc. is widely known as one of the pioneers of the asbestos abatement industry in the Puget Sound Region. Along with the remainder of our staff, we have accomplished some of the largest, most complex asbestos abatement and retrofit construction projects undertaken in the Western United States, Alaska and Hawaii. Projects directed or performed by Walker personnel include complete abatement and retrofit of the Hawaii State Capitol Building, the Juneau Federal Building, and the Sioux Falls South Dakota US West regional headquarters building as well as hundreds of smaller abatement projects.
WSC, Inc. personnel have extensive experience performing all types of asbestos abatement projects, including pipe and boiler insulation, floor covering, fireproofing and sprayed acoustical materials.

WSC is a full service abatement contractor providing commercial and residential asbestos removal. Project size varies from as low as $1000 to $1,000,000+
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